Armoclan transforms green open space into plazas, gas bars, convenience stores, and fast food retailers all over Ontario.

We interpret ideas and manifest them into realities from the viewpoint of our professional team in trying to achieve the essence of what the client desires. Our team deals with every step of the process; from dealing with the city, preparing drawings, project management and providing the permits in a quick and efficient way.

Armoclan Engineering is committed to enhancing our reputation and actively pursuing initiatives in selected sectors and regions where we a superior value can be delivered through competitive advantages.

Armoclan Engineering adopts a flexible and open approach toward our client goals by specifying their needs and wants through project management. Armoclan has the ability to operate in several languages which allow the adaption of the culture in the communities we work.


Armoclan helps clients develop cost-effective and creative designs through a full range of dedicated employees and skilled partners. Our focus is a one stop service for planning, design, construction management, asset support and building retrofits of commercial properties such as retail stores, strip malls and standalone pads and office buildings.