Quality Control / Project Management

Quality control is extremely important in the building process. It ensures material and product is up to specifications and safe to use. It’s extremely expensive to correct errors or deficiencies after the fact. With the implementation of quality control there will be savings in time, increase in productivity and control schedule slip.

Quality guarantee or assurance is based on process approach. Quality monitoring and its assurance ensure that the processes and systems are developed and adhered in such a way that the deliverables are good quality. This process is meant to produce defect-free goods and services in completing the job right the first time. Quality control is a product-based approach. It checks whether the deliverables satisfy the quality requirements as well as the specifications of the customers.

Project Management
Our project management team is committed to overseeing and managing all aspects of your development project’s needs. With a combination of seasoned project specialists and engineers, all project schedules and budget costs will be adhered to. We set realistic, crystal clear goals which ensure the accountability and maximise productivity.

Our Approach

Armoclan Engineering adopts a flexible and open approach toward our client goals by specifying their needs and wants through project management. Armoclan has the ability to operate in several languages which allow the adaption of the culture in the communities we work.