Site Plan Design and Approval

Armoclan Engineering has experience in dealing with municipalities, cities, townships and conservation authorities in order to attain site plan and building permit. We reduce the stress of preliminary council meetings with our knowledge and experience of commercial properties.

Armoclan Provides:

  • MTO Approvals
  • MOE Approvals
  • Meetings with officials to review and finalize the permit process
  • Prepare submittals
  • Applying for permits
  • Applying for municipal and regional approvals
  • Efficient follow up and tracking of all submittals
  • Environmental aspects
  • Studies
  • Geo-technical and Materials Engineering

We review and verify all Governmental, Municipal and City approvals to ensure all parties are in agreement.

Our Approach

Armoclan Engineering adopts a flexible and open approach toward our client goals by specifying their needs and wants through project management. Armoclan has the ability to operate in several languages which allow the adaption of the culture in the communities we work.